Don't Fret, Panik



Mr. President

My name is MP Hammer, and I love to sing doo-wop. I’m a musician from northern Alabama, and a Yankee/Southerner mutt. Besides singing, I also play piano, banjo, harmonica, trombone, and a little of this and that. As a side gig I make websites and design pretty stuff and stuff.


MP Hammer’s Hobbies include convincing people his favorite movie character, Jar Jar Binks, is a Sith Lord. He loves watching Adam Sandler movies and enjoys having minion themed birthday parties. You can catch him on special occasions watching Frozen and playing Yugioh.


MP Hammer wishes to one day be the governor of Alabaema. He would like to run in 2028 and become the countries youngest president at the age of 35. He has many supporters of his dreams.